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Industrial Designs in Russia

There are many circumstances where claiming legal ownership of your intellectual property is essential – registering for a design patent effectively secures your work as your legal own. This means that you’ll be protected by law against any competitors hoping to copy or re-use your product or design – and as the law regarding intellectual property can vary from country to country, it makes sense to apply for a design patent with a firm offering you specific support in your nation – or for when you travel. Zhuravlev & Partners are experienced patent attorney experts with almost 50 years in helping businesses secure legal, secure patents in Russia, the CIS, and elsewhere in the world.

Industrial Patent Registration

Applying for an industrial design patent in Russia – or if you are doing so as a Russian or CIS national living abroad – can be difficult. Copyright infringement, legislature and red tape that you need to navigate to ensure that your rights are protected can all be tricky to navigate on your own. Our experts can therefore be on hand to help ensure that your product or design is legally secured for your use alone.

Russian design patent law is our speciality – we understand that patents can often make or break a business’ survival. Some firms and individuals seek help from the patent office to ensure that their products are kept exclusive – while others do so to be able to licence out their own designs and services. Whether to protect or to generate revenue, Zhuravlev & Partners will provide you with lawyer support throughout your case to ensure your intellectual property remains your own.

Filing a Patent Application

There are a number of areas you will need to cover in your design patent application in the Russian Federation and elsewhere – if you are claiming patent for a design, you will need to prove that your product or work is original and novel. Novel in this circumstance means that your design is an ‘absolute novelty’ – that no other design of its kind has been made available prior to your application. An industrial design patent will protect you for up to 15 years – but this can be extended for a further 10.

Industrial design patent registration requires plenty of preparation - you will need to arrange paperwork and written descriptions of your design ready for a two-stage examination process – during which time the patent office will be able to make an informed decision on your case. Having helped to file and register over 500 unique patents on behalf of our clients, Zhuravlev & Partners have valuable experience with the Russian patent office and international bodies – all to ensure that intellectual property receives the protection it deserves.